Dragon's Den Appearance

On March 24th, 2013 Babies & Beasts pitch to the Dragon's aired on CBC. The pitch was actually filmed in May 2012 and I went on the show as a start-up hoping to get an investor on board to help me grow the business. I wanted the funds and business connections to do a number of things, including but not limited too: grow my pattern base to cater to more dog breeds, get inventory made, make some enhancements to my website and to launch a of line of coordinating raincoats for babies and dogs that I know will be a bit hit and unique offering in the market.

The Dragon's had a lot to say about my business and it's a shame that most of it didn't make it to air but it was a great experience for me as an entrepreneur to get their feedback and meet them.

Babies & Beasts is still looking for an investor and possible partner for the business so if you or anyone you know may be interested in talking about investing please reach out to me to discuss.

Below is a link to the clip of the pitch, unfortunately it wasn't edited to accurately reflect how things went on set. Despite what you see on the clip, the products were well received and not only did they encourage me to continue to grow the business but they invited me to come back when I'd built it up more saying, "It's a no today but it's not a definitive no". They loved the quality of the products, and complimented the coordinating children's line. I had only been in business for three months at the time of this shoot, to put things in perspective, so overall I was quite pleased by their encouragement and invitation to return.

Although savvy business people none of the Dragon's had any experience in the Pet Industry and were quite surprised to here some of the statistics around the global pet market. It was quite a fun exchange educating them a bit and in return getting some valuable advice.

The clip was edited for entertainment value, which I understood at the end of the day, but can't help wishing that it had been a truer reflection of my 25 minutes on set with them.

Click here to see the clip!



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