About Me


My name's Krystine May and I have over 13 years experience as a digital expert professionally, seven years as an entrepreneur and a lifetime dog lover!

I have worked both agency and client sides over the span of my career after graduating from the Multimedia, Production & Design Technician program at Humber College in 2004. I have always had a passion for digital, have been a strong leader and individual contributor and self starter. I believe this is why I've been both a successful team member at work and entrepreneur. I greatly enjoy nurturing my client, team and customer relationships, and believe this experience will make me a fantastic Digital Guru for Shopify.

I am known for being a person who gets things done; it's actually my tag line on my Facebook profile. Whether it's planning an event, getting an app, website or campaign launched or leading a brainstorming session to come up with creative ideas or solutions for client objectives; I'll get it done. I have a passion, and take pride in completing my projects, goals and objectives in my personal and professional lives, and I like to tackle things that are new to me as I enjoy the challenge and learning that comes with it.

Colleagues would say I am detail oriented, organized, a great communicator, reliable and empathetic towards my teams needs and challenges. I am great with technology, a self learner, creative and proactive.

I'd love the opportunity to contribute my experience and skills at Shopify as a Digital Guru to help others, like myself, launch and grow their businesses online.